Customs free zones

Serbia has 14 established free zones to attract foreign investment: preferential customs treatment, tax relief and simplified administrative procedures makes these areas of particular interest to place business initiatives.

Equipped with all services and connections, in free zones you can play and ICT manufacturing, agricultural and service sectors

Advantages / Benefits

  • tax benefits
  • exemption from customs duties
  • financial benefits
  • effective administration
  • simple procedures
  • low costs for the use of infrastructure

Benefits tax “pills"

  • VAT exemption for goods used for the conduct of commercial activities
  • VAT exemption to provide users of the areas transportation and other services directly related to industrial / commercial activities
  • VAT exemption for goods temporarily imported into the customs procedure and processed therein or exported without processing
  • VAT exemption for certain services provided within the free zones (eg. Loading of goods, reloading, brokerage services)

More information on the website of the Ministry of Finance –

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